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All the critical problems facing the world right now depend on our ability to fix it.

We are all bombarded with superficial, trivial, and often false information, because it generates clicks and views and helps the person who writes it get more ad revenue.

The result is that many people have the illusion of knowledge, while in reality, their head is often filled with misinformation, clickbait, and sometimes - just random junk.

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We are growing at an exponential rate because users are sick and tired of being bombarded with junk and, in the Otherweb, they find a safe haven where they are insulated from the noise of the broader internet.

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In a world where misinformation flows virally, people need better tools to filter what they put into their brain.

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we started off by registering the Otherweb as a public benefit corporation and not a regular C Corp. Why? Because the only way you can improve information quality, is by setting information quality as your mission and putting the mission first.


we created a suite of AI models that evaluate content quality, and we opened them up to the public. All our models and datasets are source-available, because this is the only way to gain trust, maintain transparency, and make sure our users keep us honest as we grow.


we stood the traditional "content moderation" process on its head -

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In this flow, no moderation is required. Everything was already filtered at the source.

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There's no anger, no frustration, no desire to shout at the sky or bang one's head against the wall. No staring at the clock and wondering where 2 hours have gone. No regrets. Only pure, pristine information.

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We’ve received multiple awards and accolades, including over 1200 upvotes and a Product of the Month in AI award from ProductHunt:

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This is not an accident. A large percentage of our new users arrive from social media and direct referrals from existing users, making our growth viral and sustainable because.. people love us!

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Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and others have turned the web into a Walmart of information - where the trashiest items with the loudest promotion get the best shelf-space. Spam isn't just in our emails - it's in our search engines, our social media feeds, our news websites and our heads.

It's everywhere.

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Users are hungry for a healthy option. They want to be in a place where items are ranked based on quality and not based on clicks and views.

We are not creating this desire for long-term health in users - they already have it. Most users want something better.

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